01. He received almost half a million dollars in [compensation] after an accident in which the brakes on his new car failed.
02. No success can [compensate] for failure in the family.
03. Fifty dollars should be adequate [compensation] for the work he did.
04. My friend bought me supper in a restaurant as [compensation] for driving her to school every day.
05. Tobacco farmers are suggesting they should be [compensated] by the government for the cost of switching to other crops.
06. The child tried to [compensate] for hurting her friend's feelings by giving him her favorite toy.
07. He received a year's salary as [compensation] for the loss of his job.
08. Soren Kierkegaard once observed that people demand freedom of speech as a [compensation] for the freedom of thought which they never use.
09. An insurance adjuster is evaluating the reports from the doctor to determine how much [compensation] she should receive as a result of the accident.
10. Gerry's speed in playing squash helps to [compensate] for his lack of skill.
11. Sometimes a less talented athlete can [compensate] for his lack of ability by practising more.
12. The people of Zambia tend to have large families, both as a cause and a [compensation] for high child mortality.
13. The grizzly bear's amazing sense of smell helps [compensate] for its poor eyesight.
14. A dog's keen sense of smell [compensates] for his inability to see colors, and enables him to differentiate between things.
15. In 1997, after O. J. Simpson was cleared of murder charges, a civil trial jury blamed him for the killings of his ex-wife and her friend, and ordered him to pay $8.5 million in [compensatory] damages to the victims' families.
16. An Irish toast tells us that grandchildren are gifts from God. It is God's way of [compensating] us for growing old.
17. It appears that as we get older, the brain may [compensate] for the losses it experiences as a result of the aging process by making better use of the structures that remain intact.
18. [Compensating] the ancestors of former black slaves in the U.S. would cost billions of dollars.

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